Sunday, September 10, 2017

First Edits Finished!

Y’all!!! I just finished my first round of edits for my amazing agent. 😊 This story keeps evolving and I’m excited to see how polished it will be once it is truly complete.

I know I’m still early in the process but I feel like I’ve climbed a mountain. And I need to rest a few days. I’m trying but my mind isn’t one that can easily rest. I’m always creating. All I can think about is working on my next novel during my downtime. 

I love breathing life into these women on my pages, champions who are funny, adventurous, and intelligent. I hope to create many stories that are relevant and enlightening, that take us on woke journeys with resilient female protagonists.

I can hardly wait for y’all to meet the characters in this upcoming book as well as the new ones that are dancing across these blank pages. 

Stay tuned. - AG 

R&R at my fave day spa.
Scheming up my next book.

Monday, March 20, 2017

My Writing Journey

I have wonderful news to share! A few weeks ago, I signed with literary agent, Jennifer Johnson-Blalock at Liza Dawson Associates in New York City! I’m elated! I’d like to share some of my writing journey, how this all came to be.

In 2011, I found out that my heart was failing much faster than anyone expected. I’d been a lifelong heart patient and knew surgery might be coming but nobody expected it for a few more decades. Yet, my condition was drastically worsening. I had so many stories left to write but time was running out. So, I sat down to write a novel, just in case it was a one-shot deal. After life-saving surgery in 2012, I began querying that novel. But structurally, what I’d done was try to tell too many stories at once. My health situation had affected my process, so I revised. And queried again. This time, I had encouragement from some wonderful people in the literary world, but the story still wasn’t working. Ever tenacious, I continued my efforts. 

In mid-2015, a completely new story started flowing out of me. It was fresh and honest, so I put the other story away while this one came to life on the blank pages. I discovered that I love writing women’s fiction! THIS is what I was meant to do. I finished my final edits at the end of 2016. After the New Year, I began querying this book. The reaction was completely different. The literary world was excited about this book. Within weeks, I signed with my lit agent! It’s another step forward on my amazing journey. I believe the best is yet to come.

Writing, Writing. Writing.

This book means so much to me, not only because of the content, but because of what it symbolizes. I DID live to write another book. And I have already started yet another book. I have so many stories in me, there is no way I could live 300 years and get them all out. BUT at least, I am getting started. I’ve written short stories, short films, and plays but my biggest dream has always been to write novels. I’m excited to share them with you.


                                                                               - AG 💖